Samsung Centerstage

CenterStage is the first digital showroom for Samsung appliances in ultra high definition, 1-to-1 size. I was responsible for user interface elements, 4 and 5 step product benefit animations, and the icon library for devices. The retail display was built by the Barbarian Group using its open source software Cinder, which won the first Cannes Grand Prix for innovation in 2013. Barbarian's task was to build an immersive shopping experience and resulted in a six-by-eleven foot wall with eight high-def displays and one 85 inch touchscreen showcasing a range of Samsung products. Each appliance had a story to tell. I was part of a large team of 27 designers telling the story for dishwashers, dryers, washers, and fridges. The CenterStage can be found at Best Buy, Home Depot and other stores that typically would house many of these products, and instead were now able to show them all in one easy-to-use showcase.