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Citi came to us looking for innovation to help reduce attrition among their credit card clients. Using Jeff Patton's Storymapping method I designed and facilitated a workshop to help them use our IBM Watson partnership. After identifying personas and doing a deep dive on research, we spent a day with the executive team coming up with ideas to solve customer needs. The two concepts we tested and piloted are Goal Concierge and Storefront. 

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Goal Concierge

Customers  who are paying down their balance want to get control of their spending. With Citi Goal Concierge powered by Watson and City, they can set goals related to patterns and habits and immediately get rewards. By providing an app tailored to their needs, customers know they’re getting attention rather than switching a balance to another card or paying it down all-together.

Visit the prototype here.


Storefront Prototype

When our customers know that they’re getting the best value and service that’s right  for them, they’re even more confident in their decision to bank with Citi. But sometimes, they could use a little insight in choosing the card or products that fit them perfectly. Thanks to Citi Storefront powered by Watson and Citi, every customer will have what they need to make smarter financial choices, receiving curated recommendations that let them know which products they should take advantage of based on their personal banking  behaviors. So there’s no need for our customers to question whether or not they’re getting the most out of every transaction they make —  with Citi Storefront, they’re covered.