As the Experience Design Lead, there were a two big improvements I was a part of with Comcast's site merchandising team. The first was a partnership concept with Amazon where site merchandising would integrate with consumer electronics purchases and provide pricing and expand value for the customer while increasing sales. The second was a new concept for a custom network package. Struggling to keep cable customers, this solved the need for complex packages and unnecessary services being ordered by customers. By choosing which devices you used at home, your internet speeds could more closely match your needs. 


CUSTOM internet Speeds

The existing Xfinity site merchandising funnel lead potential users to a very long list of internet deals available. It was exhausting. The important question we decided to ask was "How might we make it easier and more personal to choose your internet?". The answer was 3 prototypes we delivered constructing a custom step-by-step internet packaging method that allowed each user to respond to home usage metrics. These responses provided the customer with offerings more customized to their level of data usage. If you watched a lot of sports and movies and you were also a heavy gamer, you'd need a faster connection.