Praedicat is a risk management startup. I'm currently a design consultant and formerly a Design Lead. I lead the redesign of their brand look and feel, content, and website for 2 years and helped solve for existing modeling and future state of their software product. Using science and data, their software product CoMeta anticipates tomorrow’s risk. And for companies with diverse portfolios their new product Oortfolio provides data for portfolio-based analysis and modeling. Want to know the numbers behind BPA causing cancer? Praedicat will map the risk and their software provides powerful tools to quantify, analyze, and organize data and findings.


Initially, Praedicat needed to redesign their website for a quickly expanding tech world. We started from the ground up forming a persona, meeting with users, sketching, competitive research, wires, style tiles, and visual design. 

software product 

Praedicat has 2 products, CoMeta® and Oortfolio™ which represent a historic leap forward in modeling risk for the property and casualty insurance market. I helped model stories connecting on-site research with daily users. My influence focussed on user journeys and UI improvements.


My team provided visuals connecting the software product to printed materials for promotion and client development.. 



We created a visual library and modular design resource for the public website product as well as client presentations.


The use of the comet as a defining visual of risk and impact reflects the deep thinking behind the product. Ancient civilizations would use comets as a sign of impending catastrophe. The software product CoMeta uses science and data to do the same.

The use of the l-curve as a representation of risk analysis reflects the Praedicat or catastrophe story. This was used in nature photography to show how this risk is found all around us. Working with images from well-known nature photographer Duffy Knox, we aligned the imagery with the existing comet and landscape photography adding a graphic to tell a consistent story.